Design & manufacturing

Security guardhouse

We protect places, property and people

Regarding security issues and the increasing threats, the physical protection of posted personnel has become the primary objective of the guardhouse. Whatever the attack and the type of building to be protected, the guard, teller or soldier must be able to slow down the attackers, communicate/alert to request reinforcements and possibly counterstrike, all autonomously.

Our guardhouses are designed to offer a safe, functional and comfortable place to all people working in sensitive locations (military base, embassy, consulate, penitentiary, financial institution, headquarters building… ). Our know-how in precision industrial machining allows us to deliver all possible configurations with tailor-made forced-entry, ballistic and fire protection performances. And as it is important to be able to respond to each use, function and location in a personalized way, we offer as options: documents airlock, electrical installation, air conditioning, sanitary facilities, heating, work surface, monitor, intercom, etc.

Bünkl armored gatehouses will also find their use during ephemeral events such as sports gatherings, cultural or political events, festivals…

Equipements and options:

  • Firing hatches
  • Anti-rebound coating
  • Fire protection
  • Armored LED lighting turret
  • Documents airlock
  • CBRN filtration
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Workplan
  • Folding bunk
  • Sanitary
  • Reversible air conditioner
  • Video monitoring
Système de filtration NRBC
Trappes de tir blindée
Porte blindée avec anti-dégondage rectangulaires
Passe-documents blindé pare-balle

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