Supply & installation

CBRN filtration system

A rugged and crank system to filter CBRN agents

To deserve the name of CBRN fallout shelter, the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Protection (known as the reference) requires special closing devices* for all openings in the shelter envelope as well as a ventilation/filtration system for NRBC contaminants (chemical, biological, nuclear, radioactive and nuclear).

* Gastight blast doors, blast valves, overpressure valves…

The ventilation systems that equip our anti-atomic shelters offer protection against nuclear, biological and chemical pollutants. These fans and their gas filter are manufactured in Zurich, Switzerland. They have been approved and certified by the Federal Office of Civil Protection after having been tested by the Spiez laboratory which is the Swiss ABC Protection Institute.

How does ventilation work inside fallout shelters?

The CBRN ventilation/filtration system provides breathable and clean air to the occupants and ensures an overpressure of 50-250Pa in the same time. It consists of a fan (VA) that draws outside air towards pre-filter and a blast valve (ESV-VF). If air contamination occurs in case of major disaster, the filter will remove all toxical agents before pulsing it in the safe area. The amount of air required is regulated by the integrated air flow meter. Finally, even in case of electrical blackout, the device can be rescued manually using a crank.

Technical specifications:

  • Integrated air flow meter
  • Integrated adjustment throttle
  • Quick connectors
  • Integrated pre-filter
  • Integrated anti-explosion valve
  • Emergency crank
  • Weak footprint
  • Variable capacity

Do you want to buy CBRN filtration?

Système ventilation-filtration NRBC VA150 pour bunker

A full range of CBRN and blast protection components

Bünkl is the only French company providing CBRN filtration system as well as the ecosystem of components that ensures air filtration and blast protection for fallout shelter.

Combined blast valve
and pre-filter

Protects air supplies and exhausts against blowing up to a pressure of 1 bar.

blast valve

Protects air supplies and exhausts against blowing up to a pressure of 1 bar.

Overpressure explosion protection valves

Automatic opening (60Pa) and closing when ventilation is turned off. Prevents contaminated air from outside to enter the shelter.


Preserve filter life by trapping the largest dust.

Pressure reliefvalves

Used only in combination with explosion protection valves or for air routing within the protected space.

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