New range od RIOT shelters:
Rugged and more affordable

A safe place

for situations of generalized hostility

The risk of social explosion has never been so close: record unemployment, clashes between law enforcement and the population, protest against government policy, settling of scores between ethnic groups, looting of food stores… If our society were to collapse, protecting his family would then become your priority. Thanks to our precast modules, we made our shelters the more affordable as possible.


Thanks to their modular design and their precasted structure using fiber-reinforced concrete, our shelters allow all shapes and surfaces from 12m2

Backup power

To ensure the operation of vital equipment, our shelters are powered by electrical backup for uninterrupted power during blackouts.

Water self-sufficient

Hydration, shower, toilets… our shelters ensure at least 5 months of water independence for 4 people… without depriving yourself.

High performance CBRN filtration

Our ventilation/filtration system ensures both air purification and over pressure of the shelters and prevents any CBRN contaminants from entering the secure area.

Armored door started from CR4/FB4

Our armored doors are certified according to EN 1627-EN 1523 standards. You can choose between several levels of resistance from CR4 to CR5 and FB4 to FB7.

Fast and easy deployment

The use of precast modules allow cost reduction, time saving and discretion.

Performances on demand

Need greater resistance? Our armored doors offer all levels of mechanical resistance from CR4 to CR5 which can be combined with ballistic protection ranging from class FB4 to FB7.

Porte blindée certifiée anti-effraction et pare balle sur mesure
Information et devis panic room, locaux de sécurité blindés, bunker-antiatomique NRBC

More and more people are having fallout shelter. You have a  question? Our team is at your disposal by Chat, eMail, or by phone at +33 (0)

Information et devis panic room, locaux de sécurité blindés, bunker-antiatomique NRBC

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