Our mission

Long reserved for professionals (law enforcement, gunsmiths, banks, jewelers, cash transporters, military bases, embassies, sensitive businesses… ), armored solutions to secure premises have never been more relevant.

In these troubled times where climatic, social, industrial, geopolitical and economic risks are accumulating, our mission is to transpose to individuals our know-how I securing military and industrial sites through our various and specialized divisions:

Bünkl motors has been built in partnership with renowned preparers and manufacturers, to supply vehicles land/sea evacuation system allowing rapid and safe extraction to a fallback zone.

Bünkl shelters offers certified armored premises and precast concrete shelters, combining CBRN and blast protection, speed of implementation.

Bünkl shop, our online sales platform, completes the triptych by offering tactical equipment, professional quality autonomy, protection and defense equipment.

Bünkl rescue, develops products for civil security professionals: first responders, firefighters, rescuers at sea…

Finally, we initiated to work with experts in CBRN defense technologies, specialists in disaster medicine, and civil security professionals in order to improve our solutions and services. By covering all phases of potential disasters, we offer our customers a global approach of protection.



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