About Bünkl

Bünkl is a French company, specialized in hardened facilities and protective solutions against CBRN an blast threats: safe rooms, armored modular wall panels, certified armored doors. Thanks to our know-how in securing military and industrial sites at risk, Bünkl is able to design and manufacture efficient solution for individuals and professionals such as banks, holders of valuable goods, law enforcement, gunsmiths, counting rooms, data centers…

Technical partnerships allow Bünkl to display nearly 100 years of experience in civil engineering and more than 20 years in high precision CNC metal machining. To meet the different levels of protection (forced entry, bulletproof), we design high-performance products that exceed the requirements of current European standards.

Our shelters follow the ITAP recommendations given by the Swiss National Civil Protection Service. They are build to be self-sufficient in water, food and energy. Thanks to the concrete quality and equipments, our CBRN shelters protect you against direct or indirect effects of a nuclear disaster : initial thermoluminous flash, blast wave, radioactive fallout…
We are not affiliated to any political, esoteric or survivalist ideology. We do not promote war, violence and the use of weapons.

Right protection, right time

Bünkl draws on its 3 major areas of expertise: civil engineering structures, high precision CNC metal machining and blast protection solutions. We secure your premises (home, business… ) according to your needs and requirements: sensitive businesses holding valuables, secure counters, armories…

Our main fields of activity

  • Protection of individuals
  • Banking sector
  • Sensitive trade
  • Armoury
  • Counting room
  • Securing schools
  • Securing places of worship

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