Family standalone shelter

Fallout shelters

Protection against CBRN threats

Security guardhouse

We protect people and critical infrastructures against attack and threat

Certified forced entry solutions

CR4-CR6 / FB4-FB7

Armored doors

Forced entry, bullet resistant, fire proof

Armored doors

Get more security

Fallout shelters, protective and armored structures with blast, ballistic and CBRN protection

Bünkl is a French company specialized in the construction of fallout shelters, anti-riot bunkers, safe rooms, certified armored doors and wall panels. We have over 20 years experience in securing at-risk military, industrial and public sites through a range of certified and French made products.

Armored and protective solutions

Certified solutions for individuals and professionals:

Custom-made armored doors and wall panels, panic rooms, shelters…

Listening, mastery and adaptability

+20 years of expertise in precision industrial sheet metal

We are renowned for our constant quest for improvement, our ability to adapt and to assemble several materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bullet proof glass…

Great expertise in civil engineering

Our solutions, initially developed in civil engineering, are recognized for their quality and lifespan. They are supplemented with the best components proven in the civil or military nuclear field.

Certified and French made solutions

Our pride is to design and to manufacture in France certified and custom-made armored solutions as well as civil protective shelters for professionals and individuals.

Our divisions

Bünkl motors

Hardened evacuation boat and vehicules
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Bünkl shelters

Armored door and wall panels, fallout and riot shelters
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Bünkl shop

Tactical and rugged gear for survival and preparedness
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Bünkl rescue

Professional gear for rescuers, firefighters…
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Personalities, business leaders, far-sighted people, preppers… ensure the protection of your family and your property!

We transpose our know-how to individuals in securing military and industrial sites at risk, through a range of certified armored doors and walls. Our overall vision allows us to deliver complete technical solutions, whether before, during or after.

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