Stand-alone shelter for emergency situations

An hassle free alternative to buried shelters

The Sentrix is a safe room designed with a CBRN filtration system for short-term emergency situations. It provides immediate protection against armed, chemical and explosive threats. Derived from military guardhouses from which it inherits mechanical, ballistic and blast protection specifications, the Sentrix does not attract external attention. Thanks to its harmless appearance, it blends easily into a garden where it will be confused with a swimming pool technical room or a tool shed. The Sentrix will be a perfect shelter to protect up to 4-5 people for few hours with everything you need inside.

Full protection, whatever the threat…

Ballistic protection

FB7 bulletproof structure up to war firearms.

Bulletproof glazing

Keep a close eye in safety thanks to the “arrow slit” windows on each side


Resistant to 100 grams of C4 (3psi@100ms).

CBRN filtration

Overpressure and CBRN filtration system.

Discreet integration

Non-buried structure offering psychological appeasement and a discretion.

Blindage pare balle-local urgence Bünkl Sentrix

Built to let nothing go through… except you!

The structure of the Sentrix is ​​made up of an assembly of electro-galvanized plate and a ballistic steel plate known for its extreme hardness and its high temperatures resistance.

If you don’t get seen, you can’t get caught!

It’s the simple sentence behind the concept of the Sentrix stand-alone shelter. Safely hidden in your fortress, you will be able to survive an armed attack, a hostage taking or chemical disaster for a few hours or a few days.

Optimized and functional interior

Laid out in a simple and functional way, the Sentrix meets the most essential comfort: an isolated sanitary area accommodates dry toilets and a water fountain sink. The bench seats are designed to serve as storage and beds.

Certified protection levels

Ballistic resistance

The Sentrix reach the level 10 of ballistic resistance according to the American standard UL752 which requires resistance to war caliber (12.7×99 ou .50BMG).

Forced entry resistance

Adapted from military guardhouses which protect sensitive places, the Sentrix ensures high-level mechanical resistance against conventional and portable burglary tools.

Blast resistance

For the most demanding, the Sentrix offers a blast resistance of 0.2 bar (3psi@100ms). A 100 gram block of C4 explosive does not scare him.

Protection, discretion and serenity within your property

Psychological comfort

Unlike buried shelters, the Sentrix structure relieves people who would be anxious of being underground in a blind room. The visibility to the outside allows to bring in natural light and fresh air and thus reduce the stress intensity related to an emergency situation.

Discreet integration

Thanks to its wooden cladding, the Sentrix takes on the aesthetics of a garden shed for discreet integration into your environment. Its harmless appearance will not attract attention at first glance and its installation can be done with a minimum of space.

Added value for your property

In these unpredictable times, getting an armored fallback room designed for both hostile situations and CBRN disasters is very valuable to your property. Selling your home but want to keep the Sentrix? No problem, Sentrix is movable.

Maximum security

With the Sentrix, you have a place with an harmless appearance offering high levels of mechanical, ballistic (FB7-BR7), blast (3psi@100ms) and CBRN protection. It combines safety, aesthetics and functionality.

Equipment list

Solar panels

2 flat solar panels mounted on the roof providing 800 watts


1000w powerstation providing electrical backup in the event of a power outage

CBRN filtration

Arconik Safe 360 ​​filtration unit for protection in the event of a chemical attack.

Kit de communication

2 radios UHF/VHF avec antenne extérieure pour les communications courte distance

Protective equipments

4 gas masks with additional CBRN caps


Sanitary corner with odorless dry toilets requiring no product

Water fountain

Fountain sink with waste water tank

Bench beds

2 bench seats/beds with plenty of storage space in the lower part

First aid kit

IFAK kit near the wall fire extinguisher to provide first aid

Lightning protection

Lightning and grounding rods for protection against lightning


With the Sentrix, everything has been simplified to the maximum: its installation only requires a flat concrete slab. Thanks to its weight, no fixation to the ground is needed.

Certifications and testing

The Sentrix has been rigorously tested by independent, NATO-approved and certified laboratories. The Sentrix offers ballistic resistance that exceeds the requirements of the American standard 0108.04 NIJ (National Institute of Justice) level IV which requires resistance to war caliber (7.62×51 or .308 Winchester).

Information et devis panic room, locaux de sécurité blindés, bunker-antiatomique NRBC

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Information et devis panic room, locaux de sécurité blindés, bunker-antiatomique NRBC

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