Keep your familly safe

Get a full protection in case of CBRN and blast threats

In response to CBRN risks and threats, Bünkl provides a full protection through modernized fallout shelter solutions. Designed for blast resistance, confort and autonomous operation, our shelters combine different levels of protection: radiative, thermal, seismic, blast, fallout. Be prepared for any eventuality.

Technical specifications
of a real fallout shelter

Concrete structure

High-performance protective structure made of reinforced concrete.

Seismic conception

Specific reinforcement against high intensity telluric waves.

Massive gastight doors

Gastight doors cast in masonry with high resistance to blast pressure.

Blast protection

Admission et échappement d’air protégés contre la surpression.

Sealed networks

All sealed networks : weak and strong current, water, plumbing…

CBRN decontamination

CBRN filtration and ventilation unit with manual backup

The shelter

a strategic room at the core of your preparation

The fallout shelter is the cornerstone of any serious preparation because it allows, within the same place, to ensure your security, your subsistence, your possibilities of communication and information. Thanks to our know-how in underground civil engineering, having a private bunker is no longer a luxury reserved only for billionaires. We design and build underground shelter according your specific needs. Whether it is a war, nuclear terrorism, chemical or bacteriological attack or climate disasters, your shelter is a safe place you can access quickly and discreetly.

High quality components

Our military, medical or industrial grade systems have been proven in civil nuclear, military facilities and chemical industry. Hardened and reliable, they are designed to operate autonomously in case of electrical grid failure.

CBRN filtration

The filtration and decontamination unit is one of the key devices in your shelter. It protects against toxic industrial chemicals, radioactive dust, biological toxins which could be released during an industrial accident or a terrorist act.

Unité de filtration NRBCE

Blast and gastight doors

Our doors and hatches are gastight and blast resistant. They offer you a full protection against blast effects, shattered fragments and toxic gases.

When protection meets comfort

Customize your bunker

The interior design of your shelter is an opportunity to get yourself involved into the project. We make your shelter a living space that suits you where every space is optimized with practical and clever storage: sleeping, wardrobe, kitchen, storage, trunk, storage space… Your modern fortress is equipped according to your budget and your desires . The comfort and relaxation elements are designed to make you forget confinement and preserve normality as long as possible.

100% off the grid

Nos abris peuvent être complétés de systèmes de génération d’énergie et de fourniture d’eau potable de façon à être 100% autonomes même en cas de rupture d’approvisionnement des réseaux.

Take the daylight with you

Underground, light is your guide. Thanks to its light therapy spectrum lighting which perfectly simulates the circadian cycle, your shelter preserves the temporal balance of your body.

We advise,


and train you

Our approach is comprehensive and includes detection, protection and evacuation. In addition to your shelters, we can provide food stock with long shelf-life, CBRN protection and detection equipments. When the time comes, you will be in control.

A design office at your service

Made up of engineers and technicians, our design office works in a flexible and personalized manner on the structural and technical specifications of your project. We cover a large field of expertises: concrete structure, shock dynamics, sanitation, fluid, infiltrometry, geotechnics…

Full design service

Thanks to our technical expertise specific to underground structures, we provide a full service : sketches, technical drawings, resistance calculations…

Thanks to our technical expertise specific to underground structures, we provide a full service : sketches, technical drawings, resistance calculations…

Information et devis panic room, locaux de sécurité blindés, bunker-antiatomique NRBC

More and more people are having protective solutions. You have a  question? Our team is at your disposal by Chat, eMail or by phone at +33 (0)

Information et devis panic room, locaux de sécurité blindés, bunker-antiatomique NRBC
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